Nathalie: The Circuit Rider’s Rhineland Mail Order Bride – Lorena Dove

Nathalie: The Circuit Rider’s Rhineland Mail Order Bride

Can Practical Nathalie Find Love in the Strong Arms of an Intellectual Dreamer?
This book was fun to write, inspired as I was by the true life stories from one branch of my husband’s maternal family. Isadore and Nathalie are family names from his mother’s side, and their history as Jews fleeing the Spanish Inquisition is a fascinating piece of history. Maduro was a name taken to hide the Jewish roots of their ancestral family name. Once they settled in the United States in the early 1800s, the family nurtured many successful businessmen, painters, and even an ambassador under President Grant.

Alone in New York City, Nathalie Luxe is a young German girl determined to beat the odds and succeed. But when her livelihood is threatened, her no-nonsense style could help or hurt her chance for love.

Fun-loving, smart, and terrible with money, Isadore Maduro is a Jewish American with his head in the clouds and a law degree to finish while he struggles to keep the family business afloat. In debt and in need of a wife, he must leave everything to Nathalie when he is unexpectedly appointed to ride the circuit as a temporary judge.

Is the love Isadore feels strong enough to help Nathalie when she needs him the most? This is a standalone book in the Sweet Land of Liberty Brides series, but you’ll enjoy catching up with Giovanna, Rosa, and Mrs. Pavente from Book 1 in this series.

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