Mail Order Bride: Celia’s Secret Baby – Lorena Dove

Mail Order Bride: Celia’s Secret Baby

Abandoned as a Child
Celia’s father never came back after leaving her at the orphanage. At 19 now, Celia faces a life of drudgery working in the orphanage kitchen. With her best friend gone, does she have the courage to follow their plan alone?

Under Her Thumb
Thomas is working hard to earn the rights to his own 50-acre farm. But more and more, his sister is trying to run his life. It’s time to settle down in a home—and with a wife—of his own.

A Lie of Desperation
Celia had never meant to lie to him. She didn’t mean to forge his name. But when a baby left at the orphanage back door wasn’t going to be properly taken care of, she felt she had no choice but to take it with her on the orphan train. Will Thomas’s sister be able to ruin everything before Celia can tell him the truth? And can Thomas forgive her keeping something so secret as a baby—one she had given his name?

CELIA’S SECRET BABY is a standalone book in the Blessed With Babies Mail Order Bride series. Written in collaboration with the six other authors of the SWEET & CLEAN BOOK CLUB, featuring stories that make you go “aww,” this series is about a group of young women who attend the same YWCA Bible Study. Will each of them find the love they seek?

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