Mail Order Bride: Angie’s Hope – Lorena Dove

Mail Order Bride: Angie’s Hope

A jilted love spurs a society girl to head west unknowingly into a second marriage arrangement that would hold no love for her. 

Angie Simmons has been intended for Elmer Farley since they were both children. When Elmer returns from five years away at school, Angie is shocked to learn that he has a proposal for her: To enter into a sham engagement, until he can marry the girl he loves.

Despite this blow right before Valentine’s Day, Angie gains courage when her bible study friends agree to all find husbands of their own as mail-order brides. Angie won’t marry a man who doesn’t love her, and determines to set in place the means to escape the certain social devastation that will occur when her engagement is officially broken.

Cal Jones has nothing left to lose.A talented jack-of-all-trades, his successful stint as a gold minder ended in failure when his claim was overtaken by a larger company. Now he is forced to take a job in the new coal mines in Kansas, built to support the railroad expansion. But can he follow his friend Joe into a happy marriage, and be satisfied with a woman from the East?

Angie is ready for her engagement to expire when she meets and falls in love with Cal. But her brother in Kansas City now has different plans for her that don’t include Cal. Can Angie marry the man who truly loves her before it’s too late?

ANGIE’S HOPE is a Valentine Mail-Order Bride Series book. It’s part of a collaboration with the seven authors of the SWEET & CLEAN BOOK CLUB, all women, each of whom write sweet and clean romance, and stories that make you go “aww.”

The Valentine Mail-Order Bride Series books tell the story of seven young women who attend the same YWCA Bible Study. Will each of them find the love they seek?

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