Silvia: The Stockman’s Slovak Mail Order Bride – Lorena Dove

Silvia: The Stockman’s Slovak Mail Order Bride

A young Slovak girl in 1890s New York flees a troubled past only to fall for a reformed Irish stockman who must fight to save her life 

Silvia is the story of Nathalie’s friend from Book 2 in the series! Silvia was left behind in New York when Nathalie headed west to marry Isadore. Silvia has suffered the death of her parents and must care for her younger brother, while being led on by Frederick, whose professions of love for Silvia will only bring her shame and disgrace if she chooses him.

Dell Casey is trying to break his temper and fighting ways to fight for his ranch and beloved horses. He must marry to secure his ranch, but when he fights to save Silvia, she will have nothing more to do with him. When new violence threatens, can she forgive Dell for loving her more than keeping his promise?

Find out what’s happened to Nathalie and her growing family when Silvia comes to join them in the 1890s South Dakota prairie!

Silvia is Book 3 in the Sweet Land of Liberty Brides series.

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