Louisa: Cap Garland’s Irish Mail Order Bride – Lorena Dove

Louisa: Cap Garland’s Irish Mail Order Bride


New Release March 2018

Three friends are in love with Cap Garland, the most eligible bachelor in Springvale. Only one is his true mail-order bride. 

The Widow Garland is once again preparing to deliver Springvale’s newest baby. Her young assistant, Allison, is not too proper to ask questions of the young widow — questions that bring up a painful past.

In an impetuous moment, Louisa had answered a mail-order bride ad from Edmond Garland, only to travel with her friend and a stowaway and find themselves all three in love with him. 

Can Louisa give him up for the sake of her best friend? 

Bill MacNeill once promised Louisa he would come for her whenever she called on him. She hasn’t taken him up on his offer, but 10 years after Cap’s death, is it too late to try now?

Louisa is Book 4 in the Sweet Land of Liberty Brides series. 

I’ve known the beginning and ending of this story for three years…but the characters took their time fully realizing themselves in it! Available now!


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