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An Epilogue for Giovanna

Milkmaids, Loren Entz

Giovanna has been updated with a new Epilogue! You’ll want to see how the story continues for Giovanna, Laars and Rosa.

So many times when I’m writing I use paintings and drawings from the past to help me visualize the characters and what they are doing in the 1800s frontier.

This painting captured how I see Giovanna and Rosa in the Epilogue.




Louisa: Cap Garland’s Irish Mail Order Bride


New Release March 2018

Three friends are in love with Cap Garland, the most eligible bachelor in Springvale. Only one is his true mail-order bride. 

The Widow Garland is once again preparing to deliver Springvale’s newest baby. Her young assistant, Allison, is not too proper to ask questions of the young widow — questions that bring up a painful past.

In an impetuous moment, Louisa had answered a mail-order bride ad from Edmond Garland, only to travel with her friend and a stowaway and find themselves all three in love with him. 

Can Louisa give him up for the sake of her best friend? 

Bill MacNeill once promised Louisa he would come for her whenever she called on him. She hasn’t taken him up on his offer, but 10 years after Cap’s death, is it too late to try now?

Louisa is Book 4 in the Sweet Land of Liberty Brides series. 

I’ve known the beginning and ending of this story for three years…but the characters took their time fully realizing themselves in it! Available now!


Silvia: The Stockman’s Slovak Mail Order Bride

A young Slovak girl in 1890s New York flees a troubled past only to fall for a reformed Irish stockman who must fight to save her life 

Silvia is the story of Nathalie’s friend from Book 2 in the series! Silvia was left behind in New York when Nathalie headed west to marry Isadore. Silvia has suffered the death of her parents and must care for her younger brother, while being led on by Frederick, whose professions of love for Silvia will only bring her shame and disgrace if she chooses him.

Dell Casey is trying to break his temper and fighting ways to fight for his ranch and beloved horses. He must marry to secure his ranch, but when he fights to save Silvia, she will have nothing more to do with him. When new violence threatens, can she forgive Dell for loving her more than keeping his promise?

Find out what’s happened to Nathalie and her growing family when Silvia comes to join them in the 1890s South Dakota prairie!

Silvia is Book 3 in the Sweet Land of Liberty Brides series.

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Nathalie: The Circuit Rider’s Rhineland Mail Order Bride

Can Practical Nathalie Find Love in the Strong Arms of an Intellectual Dreamer?
This book was fun to write, inspired as I was by the true life stories from one branch of my husband’s maternal family. Isadore and Nathalie are family names from his mother’s side, and their history as Jews fleeing the Spanish Inquisition is a fascinating piece of history. Maduro was a name taken to hide the Jewish roots of their ancestral family name. Once they settled in the United States in the early 1800s, the family nurtured many successful businessmen, painters, and even an ambassador under President Grant.

Alone in New York City, Nathalie Luxe is a young German girl determined to beat the odds and succeed. But when her livelihood is threatened, her no-nonsense style could help or hurt her chance for love.

Fun-loving, smart, and terrible with money, Isadore Maduro is a Jewish American with his head in the clouds and a law degree to finish while he struggles to keep the family business afloat. In debt and in need of a wife, he must leave everything to Nathalie when he is unexpectedly appointed to ride the circuit as a temporary judge.

Is the love Isadore feels strong enough to help Nathalie when she needs him the most? This is a standalone book in the Sweet Land of Liberty Brides series, but you’ll enjoy catching up with Giovanna, Rosa, and Mrs. Pavente from Book 1 in this series.

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The Cowboy’s Calabrese Mail Order Bride

Can a young Italian widow win the love of a Nordic cowboy in time to save the only thing she loves?

The first story in the Sweet Land of Liberty Brides series, Giovanna’s character is based on a young girl from my Italian grandfather’s ancestral home of Calabria, Italy. Growing up, my fondest memories of my Italian relatives are the love, laughter and emphasis on family that filled our home. And yes, we also loved to argue and make and eat delicious meals together!

Laars is based on many people I have known of Nordic descent. I know many of us have grown up in homes where our parents are from two different backgrounds or have different personality types, so I was drawn to describing Laars’s more reserved Northern traits combining with Giovanna’s passionate Southern European upbringing.

It’s 1892, and Giovanna is a young widow struggling to raise her daughter on her own. Hard-working, beautiful, and honest to a fault, Giovanna’s dreams of a life with her husband, Frank, were cut short when he died soon after they arrived from Calabria, Italy, four years earlier. Now Giovanna must find a way to help her sick daughter, Rosa, before she loses the only thing she loves!

Laars Gundersen has broken from his family in Minnesota to work a claim in the Dakota Territory. He needs a wife, but his work ethic and cool Nordic ways don’t leave much time for children. Will Giovanna find the love she deserves and be able to care for Rosa before it’s too late? Find out in this clean, sweet historical romance, Book One in the Sweet Land of Liberty Brides series.

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